Family vacation

A never like before vacation that blends bonding, engagement, family activities, sumptuous food and novel stay options. Explore the village life, enjoy nature while enjoying boating, try your hand at organic farming, hug a cow, learn the art of basket weaving or take a long walk amidst 32 acres of green land.

Traditional games

Re-discover the inner child in you and experience the traditional village
games like top, marbles, tyre roll etc.

Rs. 150/-

Costume photo studio

Get a photograph clicked in traditional Avatar at the photo studio. Style
yourself into a unique traditional costume.

Village mela

Witness the village color at the village carnival fest and shake up your mela memories from childhood days.

Kutchi bhunga

Visit the traditional kutchi house and click pictures, know the history behind the structure and understand
the science of the cooling effect the interior of the house offers.

Rs. 100/-

Swim or boating in the lake

Plunge into the freshwater lake and enjoy the first-ever natural swimming pool known to us
amidst the village or take a paddle boating experience at the Bor talab.

Rs. 50/-

Kathiyawadi chakkdo

Hop on to the colorful kathiyawadi fun ride and look around the village.

Bamboo oxy-park

Experience the burst of fresh air in bamboo oxy park by spending 10 to 15 minutes
here and getting more than 30% oxygen.

Rs. 250/-

Giant swing

Can you pull off your balance? if so, wait no more, let your adrenaline rush kick in and swing high on
a giant swing and relive the adventure of childhood.

Waterfall and cave tunnel

Have a calming walk through the cave to feel the cool vibe of the cave and hear the
soothing sound of the waterfall.

Wooden carving art

Try your hands on our turner machine which transforms a piece of wood into
beautiful wooden artwork.

Mahila gruh udyog

We all love to munch on papads and still are trying to say Katcha pappad Pakaa pappad, until
then let’s try rolling a few papads, pickle, shrikhand and know more about how are they made from the base.


Explore the village school that your grandparents attended, the openness, the simplicity of the
village education at Anganwadi.


Hammer the Iron and get to know all the more about how traditionally blacksmith used to shape
the raw iron into essential and useful tools.

Khaat Weaving

We all enjoy resting on khat, let’s try to weave one. Get on at weaving a khatiya or a table.

Barber shop

If it has been too long you have taken a champi, get your head champi in traditional style in
addition to shoulder and foot massage at kesh kartanalaya.


Ride a cycle around the village and explore the humbleness of village life around Monteria village to get
in touch with the inner warmth.

Swimming pool

Take a plunge  and refresh after a days exploration. 

Rain dance

Dance to the popular numbers whilst enjoying the rain.


Live the joy of creating a piece of art out of the mud on the pottery wheel, shape the happiness and
take home some creative goodness.

Bamboo basket weaving

Ever wonder how a cane of bamboo is converted into beautiful baskets, Jewelry, musical instruments,
get all your answers here and give it a try by yourself too.

Monteria railway station

Take the ticket to Gariyadhar Express and walk through the green express while enjoying
the view of the farm.

Zip cycle

Can you pull off your balance? if so, wait no more, let your adrenaline rush kick in and cycle
high on zip cycle and relive the adventure of childhood.