About Us

A Maharashtra Tourism Certified AGRO TOURISM CENTRE
Are you ready to go back to your roots?


Go back to your roots to experience real connectivity.
Monteria Village is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the curated experience of quintessential village life. Spanning over 32 acres in Raigad district’s Khalapur town, we’ve created an ecosystem that allows you to live and breathe the daily life, culture, cuisine, entertainment, art, and heritage of an Indian village.

Regardless of age, you will find a path that leads you to your inner child and, in turn, connects you to your authentic roots.

Whether a day outing or a leisurely vacation at Monteria Village, this village will let you soak in the simple pleasures spend over 32 acres of greenery.

Skilled artisans will share, showcase and teach their art, while snack stations placed at every nukkad will keep taste buds busy. Candy floss to ice gola, raw mango to imli, pepper mint to goti soda, to name a few. .
To cater to your adrenaline, we have the giant swing, a game of lager, tyre rolling, a ride on a kathiyawadi chakra or even a Lakshman Jhula replica. 

The village becomes a vibrant venue for socialising and entertainment as the sun sets. The atmosphere at ‘The Kabila’ is charged with excitement, inviting guests to live in the moment, dance to folk music, gather around a bonfire, socialise, and unwind under a starry sky, all while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities.